The second venue of the RFHE National Show Jumping League arrives this weekend in Valladolid

4 May 2024

One week after jumping at the Moura Tours facilities, the RFHE National Show Jumping League arrives for the first time in Valladolid, the city that will host the three days of competition that make up this 5* national show jumping event.

The leaders of the Gold League, Iván Serrano, and of the Silver League, Álvaro González de Zárate, are among the participants, along with other top riders and Amazonas from the national ranking.

In total, there will be 147 participants jumping the 250 horses registered for the event.

The course design will be handled this time by Eduardo Alvarez Estrada and his team.

Tomorrow, Friday, the competitions will begin with the Equitack Trophy (1.10m), followed by the Casas Novas Trophy (1.20m), the Volvo Trophy (1.30m), the Tressis Trophy (1.35m), and the Diputación de Valladolid Trophy (1.45m).

Saturday will kick off with the Helios Trophy (1.10m), followed by the Gadis Trophy (1.20m). Next up will be the Caser Grupo Helvetia Trophy (1.40m), followed by the Galicia Trophy (1.45m), and finally, the Junta de Castilla y León Trophy (1.45m).

On Sunday, the Horse 1 Trophy (1.30m) will be contested, after which the two most important competitions of the weekend will take place: the Securitas Direct Grand Prix of the Silver League (1.40m) and the Excmo. Ayto. de Valladolid Trophy Caja Rural de Zamora Grand Prix of the Gold League (1.50m). The weekend's competitions will conclude with the Solán de Cabras Trophy (1.20m) and the Grupo Casas Arias Trophy (1.10m).

The entire competition can be followed through the leading OTT platform ClipMyHorse.TV, and next week, summaries of the most important events can be watched on Teledeporte and Movistar + Deportes.

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