The international show jumping competition in Maeza officially presents the poster for its fourth edition

23 Apr 2024

The poster is signed by Toño Velasco, an Asturian artist

The poster of the Maeza International Show Jumping Competition 2024 has been officially presented this morning at the facilities of Yeguada Finca Maeza, Sariego, where the equestrian event will take place from July 5th to July 7th.

Many media outlets and authorities have accompanied the Bares Maestre family, owners of Yeguada Finca Maeza, in an event where the Director, Cruz Maestre, presented the poster and defined the CSI 3* Maeza as "The summer's flagship event, from Sariego to the world," highlighting its close relationship with the Sidra Region and thanking the work of the poster's author and the support of sponsors and institutions.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Sariego, Saúl Bastian, emphasized the importance of the event as an example of rural world projection, promoting livestock, tourism, and sports.

Next, the poster's author, Toño Velasco, expressed his happiness and gratitude for the opportunity to create the image of the CSI Maeza 2024, highlighting the inspiration behind his work and thanking Yeguada Finca Maeza for the initiative to create an art gallery with works from artists for each competition.

Finally, Álvaro Arrieta, President of Oxer Sport, the event's organizing company, anticipates a 2024 edition that promises to be memorable, with the participation of renowned international riders. The temporal proximity of the competition to the August Olympics presents an additional attraction, anticipating a stellar lineup of riders who will see Maeza as an ideal stage to fine-tune their skills and strategies before the August event.

Arrieta expressed his gratitude to the sponsors and collaborators who continue their support this year, such as CaixaBank, Oquendo, Artiem, BMW Autosa, Ascor, ClipMyHorse.TV, SER, TPA, and the Sidra Region. Additionally, he welcomed the two new sponsors joining this edition: Grupo Eulen and Sidra Foncueva. The support of all of them will contribute to the enrichment and consolidation of this internationally renowned equestrian celebration.

After the presentation, attendees were able to enjoy a snack at the stud farm facilities.

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