Roger Yves Bost won the King's Cup, Caser Grupo Helvetia Trophy

19 May 2024

The Copa del Rey Trofeo Caser Grupo Helvetia was resolved in a tie-breaker that was won by 12 of the 33 participants in the competition, which was held over 1'50 meter obstacles. The test began with 4 zeros among the first 10 participants, the French rider Antoine Ermann, the two Belgians, Gilles Thomas and Pieter Devos, and the rider representing South Africa, Olivier Lazarus, made zero.

The other zeroes that would go to the tiebreaker were added later: Ben Maher, Philipp Weishaupt, Roger Yves Bost and Mariano Martinez Bastida, Katrin Eckermann, Jerome Guery, Lorenzo de Luca, Maikel Van der Vleuten, Kent Farrington and Eduardo Alvarez Aznar.

In the barrage, 7 of them managed to finish the course without faults: The first zero was achieved by Pieter Devos, with “Casual DV Z” and set a time of 39'13 seconds. But shortly after this time was beaten by the fast French rider Roger Yves Bost, who managed to finish his course in a time of 37'09 seconds with “Ballerine du Vipion”, a time that no other rider could beat. The Belgian rider finished in 4th position.

Katrin Eckermann with “Chao Lee” and Lorenzo de Luca with “Don Vito” also repeated the zero, securing the German rider the second place with a time of 38'43, while the Italian rider stopped the stopwatch in 39'13, taking the third position.

The winner of the event, Roger Yves Bost, received the SM el Rey Cup from Javier Revuelta, President of the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation. José Manuel Nieto, Business Director of Caser Grupo Helvetia, presented the French Olympic rider with the Caser Grupo Helvetia Trophy.

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