CSI 1* Mahou Trophies

19 May 2024

The Mahou Trophies, 1.15 and 1.25 meter tests, opened the program of the second day of the CSI1* of Madrid.

The triumph of the first test was starred by Miguel Bañon, who made the fastest zero of the 1'15 test riding “Favella”, an 11 with which he used 60'33 seconds. The second classified was Nerea Robles with “Geniale M-G-Z Leuze”. Clara Muñoz, took the third position riding “Sortilege 14”.

The Mahou Trophy of 1'25 also had a Spanish triumph, starring the young rider Alba Valle, who made an impressive ride with “Meriarta”, a very fast mare, with which she used 57'33 seconds, although only with less than 10 hundredths of a second place, which was a Swedish rider:

Charlotte Fievet , with “Erdeven du Tetre”. In third place was Hugo Vicente, riding “Indretto di Coco”.

Miguel Bañon and Alba Valle, received their respective trophies from Almudena Saucedo, Hospitality Technician of Mahou.

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