The best showjumping circuit returns in February, The Sunshine Tour

On February 12th, until March 23rd, the impressive facilities of the Dehesa de Montenmedio open their doors, for another year, to host a new edition of the Sunshine Tour

Are you already longing for summer, the heat and riding outdoors whilst you and your horse enjoy the good weather? You only have to wait two more months because the Sunshine Tour will once again satisfy your senses, in its XXVI edition, with the highest level of competition, yet ensuring total enjoyment and relaxation.

On February 12th, until March 23rd, the impressive facilities of the Dehesa de Montenmedio open their doors, for another year, to host a new edition of the Sunshine Tour. Surely you already know it, and you surely know that in 2019 it significantly expanded its facilities to receive more than 600 riders and 1700 horses from 45 different countries. But that's not why we're going to stop reminding you of the reasons why you should visit the Sunshine Tour in 2020.

The best facilities in Europe

Located in a beautiful location of the Cadiz coast in southern Spain, the Sunshine Tour has become a vital location to attend for all types of show jumping professionals during the months of February and March.

It’s facilities are considered the most modern and largest in Europe. Situated in a protected natural reserve, it is the perfect place to start the competition season and prepare young horses. We can confirm that it is a place that leaves no one indifferent.

With 21 sand and grass arenas, 2400 boxes, restaurants, hectares of countryside to walk in, an equine Spa, meadows for horses to graze in ... it’s got all that you and your horse could possibly need and more!

Unbeatable competition conditions

The competition lasts 6 weeks. Perhaps it sounds tiring but, on the contrary, the atmosphere there is relaxed and friendly. It certainly is difficult to lie about such a place.

Usually, the younger horses who are 5, 6 and 7 years old compete during the week, whereas on the weekend, the more experienced horses take center stage.

Every day, all six different arenas are used and the grounds are always kept in the best conditions, which can come as a surprise to the riders who can see that even after six weeks of competition, the grass in the arenas haven’t changed since the first day. After 26 years of experience, everything is perfectly planned to receive and provide to the best!

Let's get back to the competition details; If you jump between 1.00m and 1.60m high this is the place to be. Come and get fit for the season, you will not regret it. In addition, a total of € 1,300,000 in prizes is distributed, there are 28 qualifying competitions for the Longines FEI Ranking and your experience will be an unforgettable one.

On the Sunshine Tour people constantly have a smile on their face but the horses are the ones that enjoy it the most. It is clearly shown by the quality in which they jump in each and every one of the different arenas of Montenmedio.

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Selling horses? This is the place!

For a month and a half, more than 1500 jumping specimens arrive every winter at the Montenmedio facilities. There are few opportunities for horse dealers to be able to observe in action, where so many horses come from all over the world and are located in the same place.

Of course, despite welcoming so many horses, the rider will always have the feeling of having the arena to himself, with such huge spaces to gallop and work without any distraction, in an idyllic setting, where the sun is always shining.

Time to relax and enjoy the food

In the Sunshine Tour there is also time for leisure and tourism and, generally, the weather has clear skies and temperatures of around 18º-20º in the middle of winter. Cádiz has fabulous beaches to walk on, sunbathe and surf. The golf courses in the area are the best that the country has to offer, and if we talk about the cuisine, think of the Almadabra tuna. It is said to be a Japanese man´s dream.

Mondays are rest days at the Sunshine Tour and, just a few kilometers away, you can visit lovely cities such as Seville, Malaga, Gibraltar and even cross the strait to get to know Tunisia.

By the way! Be sure to visit at least one of the 5 different restaurants where also concerts and parties are held.

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