Madrid in Motion, third place in the GCL Super Cup Final

For the second consecutive year, the Czech capital city has hosted the most popular and most spectacular event, known as the Prague Playoffs, and for the second year in a row, Madrid in Motion has managed to reach the podium, this time in third place.

The team that is sponsored by Massimo Dutti and Marques de Riscal arrived in Prague with high expectations and wanted to revalidate their title as winners, especially after the fantastic season they had. On Friday they made it clear by finishing in second place in the grand final that was played this Sunday afternoon.

Excitement, pressure, surprise and much effort could be felt by all during the two epic rounds where the score changed unexpectedly.

The first round started with the team, the Cannes Stars, with three clear rounds without any faults, however one point for an excess of time, which made it very difficult for the rest of the teams. Two teams finished with 4 points, the Paris Panthers and the Shanghai Swans, whilst the remaining three, Valkenswaard United, the Monaco Aces and Madrid in Motion accumulated 12, 13 and 16 points respectively. A complicated situation for the team consisting of Eric and Maikel Van der Vleuten, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar and Mark Mcauley.

This sport is special because it does not depend only on oneself but the pair, horse – rider and, when the pair are three, the difficulties increase. That’s why this competition, the GCL Super Cup is so exciting, things can change radically from one moment to the next.

This is what happened in the second round. Mark Mcauley had two unfortunate poles down leaving the score to 24 points. Next was Maikel’s turn with his mare Dana Blue, a partnership that had showed they can deal with the pressure. 0 points and next up was Eduardo with Rockfeller de Pleville with the pressure weighing heavily on his shoulders. A fantastic run with that effort, finished without being penalized. 5 teams remained and the odds were low, but anything could happen. Surprisingly, the favorite teams failed, Cannes Star and Paris Panthers finished with a total of 26 and 28 points, placing them in the fourth and fifth position. Valkenswaard United who left with 12 points in the second round finished with an accumulated 30 points and were placed in the last rank.

Madrid in Motion were therefore fortunate enough to celebrate proudly on the podium with the Shanghai Swans with Peder Fredricson, Daniel Deusser and Pius Schwizer who had 12 points in total, second were the Monaco Aces consisting of Laura Kraut, Julien Epaillard and Jos Verlooy with 21 points.

A lot of excitement during the trophy delivery and what it meant to return and stand proudly again on the podium, and a special day to remember.

Consistency, hard work and a positive attitude are what the team demonstrated, and in the end, they have shown their incredible strength and worth.

We can certainly look back at the 2019 season with immense pride and fantastic memories!

Congratulations Madrid in Motion!

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