Ivan Serrano first place in the Massimo Dutti Trophy

Iván Serrano signed the first Spanish success in the International Jumping Competition 4 * A Coruña this afternoon, completing the fastest course to the tie-break in the Massimo Dutti Trophy.

Of the 13 teams that qualified for jump off, it was him, with Rain Man, who set the time lap of 33.78 seconds. Serrano put almost 2 seconds ahead of his immediate predecessor on the arena: Aldrick Cheronnet. The Brazilian Felipe Ramos, who rode the youngest horse of the jump-off, Bigstar, 8 years old, and had stopped the clock in 35.55 seconds finished 3rd.

The public of Casas Novas, who were looking for a new Spanish triumph after the one obtained by Ismael García Roque in the big class of the 2 *, followed with special interest the 5 national performance that managed to qualify, all of them present in the national ranking: Manuel Fernández Saro (3rd ), Alberto Márquez Galobardes (6th), Gonzalo Añón (15th), Serrano himself (7th) and Pilar Cordón (8th). The best times were those of Serrano and Márquez. The only doubt, in the last performance, was if Pilar Cordón snatched the victory from Ivan, but the rider made a demolition.

Who came closest to Serrano's time was Aldrick Cheronnet who, with Atlantys by Wisbecq (e.T), was finally second (34.38 seconds). His was the first French podium so far in CSI 2 * / 4 * A Coruña. Third, the mentioned Felipe Ramos, fourth the Mexican Federico Fernández with Pegasso and fifth Alberto Márquez.


The feedback of the winner could not be more positive, as much by the result as by the evolution of Rain Man. "In fact I doubted it would leave to the jump-off with him, because he is inexperienced. He is 9 years old but he made his debut with 7 ", Ivan said. "But I noticed him so well that I decided to take part, and it went well. After this, tomorrow I will go out with him in the big class. Let him take experience and keep improving. " The rider highlighted the work done with this horse, with which he participated in the Lisbon GP: "With him we have done a lot of relaxation work, because he is has a lot of blood, a lot of heart and a lot of temperament. Now he is showing that he has a good head, and I believe that today he has given a new twist”.

In any case, it will be with Tam Tam du Valon who faces, on Sunday, the dispute of the CaixaBank Grand Prix - in which the best Spanish will also opt for the Sensormatic Trophy. It was with this horse that Serrano participated in the Nations Cup and climbed to the second podium position at the Santander GP.

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