The experience makes the winner: Jesús Garmendia winner of the Gobierno de Cantabria Trophy

Full grades in the second day of competition of the twentieth anniversary of the Santander International Jumping Competition.The rain has not prevented hundreds of people from approaching, on this second day the camp of the Palacio de la Magdalena, to watch the Gobierno de Cantabria Trophy with jumps of 1.40m high and from which the donostiarra rider Jesús Garmendia has been the winner with "Ulysses del Pomar", a horse bred in Cantabria that debuts in the international competition in this CSI Santander.

The rider of San Sebastian, now based in Zamora, is, to this day, the only rider who has managed to dominate the Santander Grand Prix on two different occasions. Since the first edition in 1999, this track has always had it well mastered. "I'm delighted to be here and have won, the horse is a horse of Cantabrian owners and bred here and makes me especially excited"

This event has been developed under a winning round scale in which only the top ten binomials of the first round, have come out to beat themselves in the second. Exciting, therefore, this event in which we have seen the best riders of the national equestrian scene. The second qualifier has been the Sevillian Paloma Jiménez-Carmona who is contesting an unbeatable contest, three podiums of three classes fought.Rapid has also been third-placed, Ismael García Roque, who also repeats podium. Spectacular as the mare "Airline R" jumps, recently incorporated in the stables of Alvarez Moya.

The next most important class of the day, the Palibex Trophy, has opened this day of competition and, one more day – yesterday they prevailed in the 1.20m class-, have been the Alavés, rider of Etxebarri-Ibiña, Alvaro González de Zárate with his "Monboulette Z",with an impeccable tour. It is common to see this pair leading the rankings in this type of classes "It is fortunate to be able to ride this mare that is very fast, as it has shown yesterday and today, allows me to risk and be on top almost always". On the class designed by the course designer Javier Trénor, Alvaro emphasized that "today's tour was well laid with a couple of complicated laps and in its height, so I am very happy".The second place was for Ainhoa Manero, also rider of the Etxebarri-Ibiña team, with "Turquoise d'Ivraie" who together have made a great journey, cutting to the limit and reaching an almost impossible time to beat. Ainhoa assembles this 12-year-old mare from January, when she bought it from the French rider, and Angenie Angot. Third ranked is the Asturian rider, member of the national team in the Nations Cup, Olivia Alvarez with "Lord du Mont Milon", a 20-year-old horse winner of major international awards. The 14-year-old rider will participate in the European Championships in the Netherlands in two weeks.

From Etxebarri-Ibiña is also the winner of the 1.20m Caser Seguros Trophy, Sofia Castellanos, always competitive and today has made a fantastic round with "Contharika" that has allowed them to stay in first position. Always risking also, the Asturian rider Alejandro Alvarez, who repeats second place in this day followed by Natalia Ramírez and her newly acquired mare "Aw Vivika" who competes for the first time.

Very good atmosphere, burning gambling and lots of fun, they have been the icing on this Saturday, before the big day. Tomorrow the competition will start at 12.30h and the Caixabank Grand Prix, the most important class of the contest will be at 6.30pm.