Kevin González de Zárate shines at the CSI2* Santander Caixabank Grand Prix

The Alavés achieves the only double zero of the Caixabank Grand Prix on the last day of competition of this 20th anniversary of the CSI2* Santander.

Excitement until the last minute in the stands of the Magdalena camp, in which a difficult course designed by Javier Trénor has complicated things a lot to the 17 pairs that have participated in the Grand Prix. Under a two-rounds scale, only the top 5 of the first round have managed to pass to the second round, and only one rider, Kevin González de Zárate did so clear. José Fumero, Armando Trapote, Ivan Serrano, Jesús Garmendia and Kevin González de Zárate have risked very strongly until the end, but it was Kevin who managed to win "I am happy to have won the Santander Grand Prix for the second year. The class was complicated, with the last line that was tricky, but the horse has given it all to the end. For the second round I've had a lot of doubts about whether to take a conservative course and secure the zero, or go faster and take a risk. In the end I thought that by speed I would not reach Ivan so I opted for the safest option and it has worked out for me" declared Kevin González de Zárate, Kevin "It is one of the most beautiful competiton in Europe, with a privileged environment that is very difficult to match. I encourage people to come to compete in the next editions"

For the next few weeks, the Alavés plans to make two nationals in a row and "my great challenge is to play a good role in the CSI4* Casas Novas Grand Prix, in which I will compete with "Urbain des Grezils" and "Atlantic Z"

Finally, Ivan Serrano, local rider and another great of the national equestrian, has had to settle for the second position with "Tam Tam du Valon". José Fumero completed the podium with his newly acquired "Vicompte de la Cour".

In the rest of the classes of the day, Fidel Dávila raise the victory in the Oxer Trophy 1.30m, followed by Ainhoa Manero and the British Louise Aston with "Mack The Knife".

In 1.20m Frigo Trophy, Sofia Castellanos has repeated position leading the event with her "Contharika" and behind Gabriela Pérez Mimendez and Jaime Ruiz-Lopetegui.

The balance of this edition of the Santander International Jumping Competition has been very positive, with a great atmosphere among the audience, and the riders very happy with the organization and quality of the competition arenas.

It will take 365 days for the Magdalena camp to witness a weekend of unique international competition in Santander.