The whole audience stood up to give a standing ovation to the undisputed winner of the Gran Premio Maeza, the Asturian rider Leonardo Medal García, a supersonic rider who, despite his seniority, is still in the lists of the most winning riders in national and international competitions. Already from the beginning he was one of the favorite bets among the podium contenders.

The Grand Prix designed by Isabel Fernández Cañete did not present too many difficulties in the first round in which, out of the 27 riders, 12 riders went through to the tie-breaker, which, unlike the first round, turned out to be very exciting.

The first participants were fast but without any zero until it was the turn of the Dutch rider Eric Van der Vleuten Jr who, ensuring the result, finished the course without fault in a time of 45.42 seconds. Behind, the rider Ainhoa Manero and Ryanair de Riverland gave a riding lesson with a clean, fast and simply perfect run-off. In 42.62 she stopped the scoreboard, placing her in first place provisionally in the main event of the competition, giving her options to deserve her first international two-star category. But experienced riders like Carlos López Fanjul or the rider of the Finca Maeza stud, Fidel Dávila, overtook the Madrid-based rider. Therefore, Fidel led the tiebreaker in an exciting ride with one last rider to go. But what a rider. Leonardo Medal and his horse Rey de Gozón, 14 years old and bred by him, were flying towards the start time with their classic tight turns and a breathtaking speed. Almost 30 hundredths of a second under Fidel's time, applause and ovation from the local and compatriot public. An exciting end to this sunny Sunday in the first CSI Maeza weekend.

The ceremony awards were presented by Cruz Maestre, owner of Yeguada Finca Meza and her daughter Christina Bares, and the podium was as follows. In first place, Leonardo Medal and Rey de Gozón winners of the Gran Premio Maeza, in second place Fidel Dávila with Dantic de Maeza, in third place, Ainhoa Manero with Ryanair de Riverland, in fourth place another Asturian rider Carlos López Fanjul riding Ashaane Vila Rose and finally, fifth, the rider from the Netherlands Eric Van der Vleuten with Djoost Again. Next Friday, July 9th, the second Maeza International Show Jumping Competition will start and will count with new renowned riders such as the Olympians Sergio Álvarez Moya, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar or the Brazilian Pedro Veniss.

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