Olivia Álvarez unbeatable at the Suzuki Trophy

The promising young Asturian rider Olivia Álvarez has riding in her blood and this was confirmed by the junp off she performed along side her horse Cartouche.

An important number of pairs finished without fail the first round of the Suzuki Trophy, Small Grand Prix of 1.35m in height, in which 43 horses took part. Of them, 18 managed to get a place in the tie-breaker in which finally 16 competed.

The first pair to start the jump off was Sergio Álvarez Moya and his mare Eliante Z, but a fortuitous knockdown kept him away from podium options. The Basque Ruben Gomez was the one who left the scoreboard in a time difficult to improve, 39.29 seconds with Arramis. It seemed that he had dominated until the young Olivia Alvarez, niece of the Olympian and rival in the tracks, Sergio Alvarez Moya, left the audience breathless with an acrobatic ride without fault that lowered the result of the Basque rider by more than two seconds. Brilliant Olivia and brilliant Cartouche, a horse that comes from the USA and that the very young Olivia has been riding for a short time.

There was only one rider who could snatch the title from Olivia and once again it was Rubén Gómez. The Basque rider is very competitive in competitions at this level and he was not going to disappoint. With a fast and clean tie-breaker of Caelios de Roumard, he was second, just a few hundredths of a second behind Olivia.

The winners' table, to which Juan López Frade, President of Suzuki Ibérica presented the trophies, was finally as follows: in first place Olivia Álvarez and, in second and third position, Rubén Gómez Crespo with Caelios de Roumard and Arramis respectively.

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