Kevin González de Zárate the lead of the Trophy

The winning horse, Recesvinto, was born in Asturias at Cuadra Casa'l Capellan Stud.

The leading television channel in the equestrian world,, sponsored the second class of the day at 1.35m in height, in which the Basque riders showed clear leadership. Of the 44 pairs that took part in the competition, Kevin González de Zárate, from Alava, was first with a faultless ride and a time of 25.17 in the second phase. Recesvinto, the horse that teams up with González de Zárate, was born 11 years ago at the Casa Capellán stud in Luanco, owned by the President of the National Association of Breeders of Spanish Sport Horses (ANCADES). Together with Alava who has been riding him since August 2019, they have won numerous national and international competitions. His father, Rey Z, is also an old acquaintance in Asturias, in 2006 he was proclaimed winner of the CSIO Gijón.

Second place went to Luis Jesús Escobar and Zitana 3. The Asturian rider was trained at the Club Hípico Astur de Gijón and was a member of the Spanish team medalist at the Mediterranean Games in 2009. By just a few hundredths of a second, he missed the trophy, designed by sculptor José de la Riera,

Returning to the Basque riders, this time from Guipuzcoa, Telmo Busca put an end to the competition with a ride that has placed him in third place in the standings. Already with another horse in a previous start he had shown his intentions with a time so far unbeatable. In the end, six riders improved his score, including himself riding CON-QUI-LA., which broadcasts all the races live in more than 200 countries, has given the winner an annual premium subscription that will allow him to enjoy all the advantages offered by the platform.

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