Iván Serrano wins the Oquendo Trophy

The Basque rider based in Cantabria and his horse Dum Dum repeat podium in this CSI Maeza but, this time, as leaders of the 1.35m Oquendo Trophy. On Friday they finished second in the ClipMyHorse.tv Trophy and today they beat the clock with a time of 54.17 seconds. Behind Iván, and only a few hundredths of a second behind, finished Kevin González de Zárate from Alava with Urbain des Grezils, horse with which precisely on Friday, in the ClipMyHorse.tv Trophy, they also finished behind Serrano and Dum Dum in third place.

Three Basques on the podium with the classification of Jesús Garmendia from Guipuzcoa in third place riding Valut 2.

67 riders took part in the class disputed under a timed A barometer that concluded with a significant number of rides without faults. The time was decisive in this Oquendo Trophy, penultimate competition of the international Maeza in which finally the three Basque riders imposed their experience and competitiveness.

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