Spanish podium in the Casas Novas Trophy

Beatriz Tamarit opened today's podium with a victory at the Casas Novas Trophy.

The 15-year-old Valencian rider was the only one able to be under 60 seconds in this International 2 * Jumping Competition, with obstacles at 1.25 meters high. Beatriz and Vertu d'Ellipse stopped the clock at 59.53, time that allow them achieved their first victory in this category. Previously, Beatriz and this 10-year-old mare, which she has ridden for a while, had made a second place and had won several CSI1 *. Tamarit is a member of the national young team and has participated in the Nations Cup.

The winning time was only approached by Olivia Álvarez García, and Lord du Mont Milon who stayed, this time, at 10 hundredths of the winning time. The Asturian adds her second podium in Casas Novas, after her victory yesterday. And another rider of the national young team, Álex Codina, completed the podium with Gaston D.N. and a time of 63.61 seconds.


The day was very damp this morning in Larín, although the most faithful followers of the equestrian did not want to miss the first evolutions of the pairs in the early morning, so we have heard lot of applauses during the test and in the lap of honor. As the day progresses, the affluence will increase in the equestrian center of Coruña, .

In addition, i today at 4:00 pm you will be able to enjoy the first of two jazz concerts by The Secret Investments on the Estrella Galicia 1906 stage. And like yesterday, the little ones can enjoy their equestrian baptism and other activities in the Little Riders Corner enabled by Massimo Dutti and the Theodora Foundation. Also, the betting booths will open in the 4 * of the afternoon.

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