The Casas Novas Equestrian Center confirmed the cancellation of the International Show Jumping Competition that should have taken place next July

Casas Novas wants to publicize its solidarity with all those affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and in particular with the relatives of the victims.

Covid 19 is causing a sanitary crisis which inhibits the normal development of all activities world-wide, including those of a sport nature. The health and wellness of all involved in the organization and development of the CSI Casas Novas are the main priority for this Equestrian Centre, which wants to avoid unnecessary risks at all cost. For this reason, the Casas Novas Equestrian Centre, in accordance with the mayor equestrian competitions organizers within Europe, has decided to cancel the CSI which would have taken place between the 17th and 19th of the following July.

The professional team of Casas Novas continues to work with the same enthusiasm as always in preparing their future reunion with athletes, fans, sponsors, institutions and their social environment in A Coruña and Galicia, and want to thanks the constant support from them.

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