Beatriz Tamarit and Vertu D'ellipse, victorious cocktail in A Coruña

Rapport, concentration and skill.

Rapport, concentration and skill. There might be more, but these three ingredients are, with no doubt, part of the recipe for success of the pair Beatriz Tamarit - Vertu d'Ellipse. They have ratified it again on the outdoor arena of the equestrian center of Larin, where they have won the Casas Novas Trophy, just as they did yesterday.

It was not easy for the young amazon, as Javier "Fino" González Fraga had set a hard mark to beat: 53.80 seconds with Titan de Pravia. Olivia Álvarez García, who stopped the clock at 56,19 with Lord du Mont Milon finised 3rd. Beatriz Tamarit played her options well and set the victory time in 53 seconds.

Since for Beatriz it was a magnificent weekend with two victories, it has been also for Olivia, who leaves the 2 * contest with three podiums within three classes, including the first day's triumph and the second place yesterday. Regarding the second placed today, the Galician González Fraga, also had the third place on Friday with Bubalu.

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