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Event organization

Our experience in the equestrian sport guarantees the proper functioning of the competition.

In Oxer, organize, produce and direct events, tailored to the specific requirements of each client. We have an experience in equestrian competitions and have expertise in each area, allowing us to develop the entire infrastructure of the event, ensuring the success and quality, to take special interest in the care of the details.

Also, through the creation of villages and modern facilities offer an attractive spectacle for the audience. Meanwhile, our Press Department ensures maximum media coverage of the eve

Other Services

Oxer offers other services to the organizing committees like: Timing and Scoring, Sports Office, Sports Direction, Technical Direction, Press Department. We have collaborated with the organizations of Pan-American Games (Guadalajara 2011) and Arab Games (Doha 2011).

Oxer also organizes some relevant outstanding national events like the CSN5* Toledo.