Iván Serrano's triumph at the first competition of the National Show Jumping League of the RFHE in Valencia

28 Apr 2024

The Securitas Direct Silver League Grand Prix goes to Basque rider Jesús Garmendia

Ten riders competed for the victory in the Securitas Direct Grand Prix at Moura Tours Valencia, resulting in an exclusive podium with the only three pairs that achieved a double clear in the event. Jesús Garmendia, a Basque rider, stood out as the fastest riding "Valut 2", securing the first place. Following him, Kevin González de Zárate took the second position with "Catuccini 17", followed by Gonzalo de Almeida Barradas in the third position with "Tikal Dz".

Subsequently, the ATM Horse Trucks Grand Prix Gold League, a demanding 1.50m class, was held, with 31 pairs participating, of which only five managed to finish without penalties to access the jump-off. The final victory of this Gold League Grand Prix went to Iván Serrano with “Casting De La Wantz”, followed by Álvaro González de Zárate with “Casa Diva Ps” in second place, and Pello Elorduy with “Champenoise de Rampan” securing the third position on the podium.

After the first venue of this year 2024, the overall classification of the Securitas Direct Silver League is as follows:

1st Jesus Garmendia Echeverria

2nd Kevin González de Zárate

3rd Gonzalo de Almeida Barradas

And in the RFHE Gold League, the classification would be as follows:

1st Iván Serrano

2nd Álvaro González de Zárate

3rd Pello Elorduy

The second venue of the NSL will take place next weekend at the Real Sociedad Hípica de Valladolid, between May 3rd and May 5th.

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