Team Paris Panthers won the Global Champions League at CSI5* A Coruña 2023

14 Jul 2023

The first day of the CSI5* A Coruña was reserved for the team competition of the Longines Global Champions Tour, the Global Champions League.

The final classification of the A Coruña leg of the Global Champions League was decided on two classes, both sponsored by CaixaBank. The sum of points of both determined the team classification of the Global Champions League in CSI5* A Coruña.

In the first class, disputed on heights of 1'55 meters, the reigning world champion, the Swede Henrik Von Eckermann, won, the only one of the 21 participants who made clear, who managed to complete his course in less than 60 seconds.

The second scoring class, also CaixaBank Trophy, with heights of 1'60 meters, had 18 rounds without penalties and Irish dominance. The winner was Bertram Allen, who with "Pacino Amiro" completed his course in 64'20 seconds, while his compatriot Billy Twomey finished second with the stallion "Chat Botte ED" and Von Eckermann was again among the best, this time third with his great "King Edward".

With the results of the first round, seven teams faced the second without penalties in their score, so their results in the CaixaBank Trophy of 1'60 meters were going to be decisive.

And at the key moment, the only team that managed to repeat the double clear was Paris Panthers, who in the first round used Ben Maher with "Ginger Blue" and Ioli Mytilineou with "La Perla VD Heffinck", repeating the British rider in the second round while the Greek rider was replaced by the number three in the world ranking, the Dutch Harrie Smolders riding his magnificent "Monaco".

Second with 4 points was the Scandinavian Vikings team, formed by the Irish Richard Howley ("Consulent de Prelet Z" and "Mansini LTD") and the Swedish Henrik Von Eckermann ("Dzara Dorchival" and "King Edward").

Their time of 133'91 seconds in the second race gave them second place ahead of the Riesenbeck International team, which also finished with 4 points.

With the results of the A Coruña venue, the Riesenbeck International team maintains the lead in the overall standings with 234 points, second is now Paris Panthers, which has 204 and Madrid in Motion has moved to third place, with 188. It is a fact that the Paris Panthers team has two victories and both were achieved in the Spanish competitions qualifying for the Global Champions League, Madrid and A Coruña.

The trophy prize-giving ceremony brought the event to a close with the three best-placed teams on the podium of the Global Champions League. The regional director of CaixaBank's northern zone, Juan Pedro Badiola, presented the CaixaBank cup to the winning team.

Pedro Badiola, presented the CaixaBank cup to the winning team, and Flora Pérez Marcote, representing Casas Novas, presented the winners with their GCL trophies. The President of the Longines Global Champions Tour, Jan Tops, presented the trophies to the second classified team, while Álvaro Arrieta, president of Oxer Sport, did the same with the third.

After this brilliant start of the CSI A Coruña which is being held in Casas Novas, the second day will begin on Saturday at 10:30 am with the 1906 Beer Trophy, followed by the Porsche Trophy at 12:00 pm and the Marqués de Marqués de A Coruña Trophy at 12:00 pm.

The day will end at 5:30 p.m. with the most important competition, the Longines Global Champions Tour Gran Premio Casas Novas.

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